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Check out my review of the Nokia Lumia 920:

So I learned basic HTML and CSS and made my own webpage with it where I host my projects/concepts.
I started tuesday a personal design project which can be found exclusively there.
Also since the site and redesign project are not ready yet, is constructive criticism always welcome!
Hi everyone!

I just updated my site/blog and did some big changes to the site,
you can visit it here:

Kind regards,
Watch '~DesignRob' for further uploads, it's my new profile where I'm going to put my best concepts of this account and new uploads.

So I'll not going to use this account anymore.


(new profile:
You now can follow me on Twitter!:

Also, visit my new site!
I'm going to upload my ideas for my self made phone (codenamed: 'Leaf') soon on DeviantArt,
and it will be have some of my ideas built-in (such as Touchlock :) ).

And yes, I 'thought diffirent' ;)